interviewed MAXSAFE about it's newest GREEN3 initiatives.
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Welcome to MAXSAFE Antifreeze,

Manufacturers of Premium Quality Green Products at Very Competitive Prices

MAXSAFE is Illinois’ largest and most experienced antifreeze service. Here you will discover the finest quality antifreeze products in the industry, exceptional customer service, quick delivery and highly competitive prices. MAXSAFE manufactures a full line of antifreeze products that meets or exceeds major OEM standards. For most of two decades now, commercial, government and retail operations look to MAXSAFE for quality products they can trust.

We are green

Our products not only meet the highest quality standards, but MAXSAFE is using creativity, innovation and green practices to reduce costs and minimize the impact on the environment.

GREEN company + GREEN process + GREEN products = GREEN3

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Antifreeze & Ethylene Glycol Removal

Work with our EPA Licensed facility to remove the cradle-to-grave liabilities associated with antifreeze disposal. We purchase large quantities of used antifreeze and ethylene glycol. Call us today. We can haul away all types and colors of used antifreeze.


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